“Whatever happened to those classic two-minute-fifty second rock ‘n’ roll songs we used to know and love?” ALRIGHT ALRIGHT asked one day, tucked safely into their Toronto hide away.

After a few minutes of collective contemplation, followed by the sudden strength of nearly 7 untamed Sasquatch, 8 brawny men, and 1 large circus lion, ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, equipped with their favourite Clash, Buddy Holly, and Motown Records, along with enough noise-blaring instruments to safely shield themselves through the worst of all Canadian snow blizzards, made their way down the steps of a deep and dark basement.

Bashing out countless hours, days, and weeks of raw noise, followed by months of tedious tweaking and sculpting of their newly fangled sound, ALRIGHT ALRIGHT liked what they heard.

And we think you will too.



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